Glenview Farms is located in the picturesque Northwest tip of Pennslyvania right along the New York border. The sloping topography of the  Allegany Mountain foothills is ideal cow country as the steep slopes provide lush pasture and forages best harvested by hardy Hereford cattle. The Glenview cowherd has been built and designed to utilize this terrain and are sound, fuctional, moderate framed beef cows that  consistently turn grass into pounds and profit. Legendary breeding establishments like Louada and Glenkirk  have influenced the cowherd over time, while the new generations are a unique blend of genetics from the Mead program in the south, Mohican from the east and west and Elm-Lodge from the north in Canada. Glenview Farms are dedicated to breeding the best and have an intensive ET program to assist in multiplying the good ones. The donors listed on that page are prolific and many are household names in the Hereford fraternity. The walking herdbull power is another strength at Glenview with a combination of proven breeding bulls and fresh exciting prospects.
Glenview consign a large group of top quality females to the J&L and guests sale in Ohio and participate in  association sales in the surrounding states. The top end ET calves are also on offer at the Mead program sale on Memorial day. There is always a great selection of servicable age bulls available at the farm as well as replacement females and fancy show prospects.
At Glenview we are passionate about  Hereford cattle, Hereford people and all the experiences and memories created through association. Plan a trip to Glenview for some great Hereford hospitality, a unique experience and take home a heifer,a herdbull or a memory.

Passion for Cattle!
Glenview Farms
Glenview Farms
W. Massey Booth Jr., Owner
Curtis H. Booth, Manager
R. R. # 2, Box 439, Kings Run Road,
Shinglehouse, PA, 16748
(814) 697-6339
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